My Career

Getting Recruited

Getting Selected:

The first step consists of submitting your Résumé and filling out an ”Employment Application” form by clicking on “Apply”.
The selection process goes down to:
  • Screening: Our team will screen applications and Résumés based on job specifications and requirements.
  • Testing: Adequate pre-employment tests are given to make sure you are the right fit for the job.
  • Interviewing: Interviews are a chance for us to get to know you better; if selected, you will be contacted for an initial interview and should you perform well, you can expect additional ones. Based on the interview and/or tests results, the most qualified candidate will be chosen.

Getting Hired:

Once a decision is made about having you onboard, we conduct a thorough reference check. Before sending you the employment offer, we ask you to submit the required documents and run some standard medical exams.

Getting Guided:

Once hired, you will receive appropriate orientation, training and monitoring to ensure you career satisfaction and success.

Getting prepared for the interview

Once you get called in for an interview at our Bank, prepare well to make sure you leave a good impression.
Here are a few tips:

  • Get to the set appointment on time, and make sure you’re well rested.
  • Bring along an updated Résumé.
  • Double check your details to avoid any gaps in your Résumé.
  • If asked to present, prepare well, don't read the slides and show your active and dynamic side.
  • Be clear and concise; relevant examples are always welcome.
  • Relax, be yourself and be genuine.
  • Make sure you show up in presentable attire as a sign of respect.

Fresh Graduates and Professionals


What you’ll do:

As part of the Internal Audit team you will provide professional, independent, risk-based, and cost effective audits, in conformity with legal and regulatory requirements. You will be asked to analyze data, test results and report audit findings. You will also ensure that your recommendations are properly implemented by doing follow-up reviews.
I joined Bank Audi in 2013 attracted by its leading position in Lebanon and the region. I was impressed by the high level of professionalism, dynamic environment, and international exposure it offers. My continuous efforts and dedication were rewarded with a promotion to Senior Auditor in 2015. I look forward to the rest of my career within this great institution.
- Marc Haykal, Audit Supervisor, Group Internal Audit

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Corporate and Commercial Banking


Financial Institutions

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Marketing & Communications

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Trade Finance

Treasury & Capital Markets

Talent Development Program:

If you’ve recently graduated, our Talent Development Program (TDP) gives you the opportunity for a meaningful first career experience. It is a three-year program which gives you an overview of Bank Audi’s main functions and hands-on experience of its business lines.

What Is It All About?

The Talent Development Program will build up your professional skills and broaden your professional network. You will start this program with a three-day on-boarding session and pursue with technical training and behavioral skills training seminars. You will then carry out an on-the-job rotation among the Bank’s business lines and several support functions.

I joined Bank Audi in 2013 through the Talent Development Program that allowed me to learn a lot about the banking industry and to seek performance and excellence even under pressure, all while developing my communication and selling skills. I passed through various departments and underwent several trainings such as the Credit Analysis Program that gave me valuable insight for my career choices. I was lucky to be offered a position in Corporate Credit Risk Lebanon as a Senior Credit Analyst which I think is a very promising start to a bright future.
- Chirine Rammal, Senior Risk Analyst, Credit Risk

Am I Eligible?

You can apply to the program if you meet the following conditions:

  • Holder of a bachelor's or master's degree in
    Business, Social Sciences, Engineering or Information Technology
  • Outstanding
    academic results
    Honor List/ With Distinction
  • Proficiency in
    English and Arabic

How Will I Be Selected?

You will be selected for this program after succeeding in the below exercises of our Talent Assessment Centre:

Competency Based Interview:

You will be asked to provide the interviewer with concrete evidence of the competencies needed to be selected for this program.

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32):

You will answer a questionnaire which will assess 32 specific personality traits underpinning your behavior at work and your performance against key competencies.

Ability Tests:

are multiple choice questions covering verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning which you will answer online during a limited amount of time:
  • Verbal reasoning questions evaluate the logic behind your arguments.
  • Numerical reasoning questions measure your numerical skills such as calculations and estimations.
  • Inductive reasoning questions measure your ability to draw conclusions and understand links between various concepts.

Group Exercise:

is designed to assess your performance to reach a common objective in a timed discussion with a team of up to eight participants.

Fact Finding:

You will be evaluated on the adequacy of your questions to enquire about a specific situation you were briefed about, and will be assessed on the soundness of your decision.

Role Play:

You will handle a specific situation following a typical on-the-job scenario. This exercise will assess your listening skills, your interaction with others and your performance with the tasks at hand.


You will be asked to prepare a presentation, in advance or without prior notice. The objectives of this activity are to measure your communication skills, your composure and your capacity to keep your audience interested.
The Talent Development Program has been a life changing experience for me. Taking on numerous missions in different departments during the program has enabled me to grow personally and professionally. The program gave me the opportunity to work with many people – teaching me to adapt in different environments while improving various sets of skills including teamwork and communication. Ultimately, I discovered the department that suited me most – Corporate Banking, which I have joined more than a year ago. I believe the banking sector offers a wide scope of opportunities with new employees facing the challenge of knowing where they fit best. I therefore strongly encourage fresh graduates to join this unique program in such a valuable institution.
- Ramy Accad, Assistant Relationship Manager – Corporate Banking

How To Enhance My Performance?

Prepare in Advance:

Research the institution as you would do for a normal interview. Make sure you are familiar with the competencies expected at Bank Audi.

Keep it Simple:

When asked to deliver a presentation or participate in a group exercise, the assessors will evaluate your general approach. Make sure you focus on the essential points and remember there is no right or wrong answer.

Be Attentive:

Listen to and read the given instructions carefully. Feel free to ask questions.

Be Yourself:

It is important to be genuine. Don’t behave or give answers to please others.

Ask for Feedback:

Ask assessors for feedback upon receiving your assessment results. Receive the given feedback openly and positively and inquire about areas for development.
Through the Talent Development Program, I had the opportunity to work in different departments and teams, thus boosting my teamwork, adaptability and communication skills and getting a deeper understanding of the banking industry. The rotation increased my interest in financial analysis, relationship management, risk and legal, and project management, before opting for Corporate Banking. The training workshops, the contact with senior managers and the various networking events helped in my personal development.
- Zahra Ajamy, Assistant Relationship Manager – Corporate Banking